Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can provide real relief for chronic constipation if you are seeking a natural remedy, even during pregnancy. I really enjoy treating it because the results are substantial quite quickly so it is easy to see progress. Acupuncture has a really strong effect on the digestive system and any emotional connections that are related to it.

Along with a healthy diet and an individually formulated remedy of natural herbs, treatment can lubricate the intestines, unblock stool, and strengthen the moveability and flexibility of the colon.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views constipation as a weakness or a blockage of qi, or energy flow, in the colon and lung meridians, and acupuncture works through the nervous system and energy channesl in the body to realign and restore the body’s natural balance. Traditional Chinese herbal remedies offer a natural way to stimulate, balance and maintain the digestive function. Clinical practice shows that acupuncture therapy is safe and effective and the therapeutic effects are still present several months after the treatment has been completed.