gu yuan tang

Jian Yin Gu

  • Gen-Registered TCM Practitioner
  • Gen-Registered Acupuncturist

Education Background

  • Bachelor Degree of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Years in Practice

  • 20 Years clinical experience in China
  • 15 Years clinical experience in Canada


  • English
  • Chinese


Because her ancestry was famous TCM Doctor in the local area and they had a lot of patient, she was edified deeply from her family so that she was interesting very much to the TCM. Since she was 18 years old, she started to learn TCM and QiGong from her uncle generation. And she started undertaking the clinical works in her familiar TCM clinic step by step.

In Ontario she achieved the registered certificate of General Traditional Chinese Medicine (R. TCMP) and Acupuncture (R. Ac). She engaged Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture over 15 years in Ontario since 2003. She combined the Acupuncture with Chinese Herbs and the therapy of the food and also Qigong Breathe etc. on her ancestry unique formula of Acupuncture Point to treat many kinds of incurable diseases. And she offers a set method of the suitable promote good health to the patient based on the situation of the patient treated and geography days.

She is expert in the Overall Adjustment with the partial treatment for the body. She is a very kind and very popular with her patients.